A calm feeling (CAREER UPDATE!)

Hey guys!

So… I have a little happy ending to the previous post. 😉 (Yes I know it was posted 2 days ago, but note that it was actually written like a month ago). If you haven’t read the post, quickly summed up: I was worried about loving working with everything and not specializing myself enough within one field. I thought about how and why I did things.

But now… Here’s one common thing about building a business, filmmaking and music… Creating. I love creating. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video, blog post, company, song or a makeup product: It’s all about having a vision and turning it into reality. Creating and experimenting.

I’ve got some really exciting things going on. A lot of things, actually. And I’m not feeling stressed about it. I loove the feeling of having responsibility (especially of more than one thing), and feel the excitement over different projects. It even adds a little more excitement by just the thought of it being more than on thing.

To drop a few hints… I recently created my own company Mondelia Media, and I’ve gotten som really cool people on board. Among other things, I’m working with an accounting firm to build up this media company. They were curious about the ideas of the company. I’ll tell you more later

After my first meeting with the accounting firm 🙂

At Voldsløkka this weekend, a huge festival/concert with stars like Marcus & Martinus, Alex Aiono and Isac Elliot, and Lisa & Lena from musical.ly was there as well. Ellen and I met sooo many viewers – it was crazy! I would say I have a pretty good understanding of the power of social media, but that day we literally had trouble moving because fans wanted pictures. It was so much fun tho, haha! 

…and hey! Tomorrow I’m launching something special. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Thanks for reading ❤

xoxo Mondelia


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