Thoughts on a flight to New York

Oslo time: 2am ish Monday July 17th
New York: 8pm ish Sunday July 16th

I’m on the plane, high up in the air. In about 2 hours I’m landing at JFK in New York City, the city that gave me the most terryfying, yet most exciting trip one year ago. The summer I left Norway to go to New York Film Academy. NYC gave me a connection I’ve never had before, and therefore it’s what I like to call my 2nd home.

Next to me is my sleepy 17 year old best friend (I like to call her the 17 year old btw, but her name is really Ellen). We barely knew each other one year ago, and now we’re on a trip together to work on our passion, meet new people and old friends from film school. It’s through our passion we met at home. Crazy how passion and hard work brings people together.

The 17 year old brought Daim chocolate. I love her.

I’m not really sure how to explain this, but… Going back to New York is so weird. When being home, my summer last year felt like a dream. I’ll never forget the feeling I got when seeing the landscape of New York City just minutes before landing. That amazing feeling, despite trouble with the previous plane, emergency landings and spilling drinks on the guy sitting next to me. It didn’t really get to me before I was going to the airport earlier today. How I’m going back to NY. Like as if it didn’t seem true when I ordered the tickets, and the days after. And I’m not sure if I still entirely believe it before I land in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I just listened to Lewis Howes podcast where he interviewed Lilly Singh. Lilly aka Superwoman who just started making youtube videos at the end of college, and moved to LA from Canada to build upon her success. It takes courage to move to a different country, away from your family and let go of the life you thought you’d be stuck with. I really admire her work ethic and the way she steps out of her comfort zone every single day.

And it all made me think and feel about the situation I’m in right now. I’ve always loved America, and dreamed of moving here one day to work within the media world. The feeling I got minutes ago, told me I haven’t let go of that dream just yet. Lately I’ve also questioned my “life” back home. I’m very happy with what I achieved back home in Oslo… But I do know, that I did somewhat settle for less. I’m not going to dive too much into that right now (it would be a 10-pages-essay), but settling in the country I’m already living in was easier. So that’s what I did.

But I’ve tried to make the most out of where I live now. I settled for my Norwegian YouTube-channel, making music at the studio, school and to work with what I have. I’ve had so much fun these past few years. But maybe I’m starting to realize that I’ve got other strengths to build upon, and that I want new (old) things. Maybe I’m realizing I don’t want to let go of my childhood dreams (these are thoughts I’ve had for a while, but me being on a plane to New York made me realize it even more). Maybe it’s not that “hard” to step out of my comfort zone. It’s actually pretty simple. Just book a flight to the destination, and try to make it work there. Why aren’t we human beings doing more of that? Fear of not knowing how it’s going to work out, probably. But it always works out when having the right attitude. Right now I’m feeling more than I’m thinking. And I haven’t done that in a long time. Often, our feelings can be more honest with us than our thoughts. 🙂

But now the breakfast arrived, and I’m already laughing my ass of with the 17 year old. I love how we’re so effing sleepy and uncomfortable in our small seats, but we’re still laughing like crazy. I love being with people who spread good energy no matter the circumstances. And thank God she also just pulled up her computer and debit card two weeks ago when I was at work and she said “So, are we going to order tickets to NY or what?”. I need those friends. Anyways, I actually made a choice the other day that will actually back up this post in a way. And now I see I finally, just finally, made the right decision about something I’ve been thinking about a long time. You’ll see.


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