Late night thoughts + I did it!

It’s 2am at night, and I’m actually blogging from the phone + I got school in the morning. That’s how much I feel inspired to write something now. 🙂

You know when I feel safe? I feel safe when I can  be hurt and have negative thoughts, but yet feel like you’re in a good place. Where I’m thankful, grateful, but still accept the fact that you’re going  to have a negative thought here and there, and maybe even feel pain.

Something I’ve been more heads up on lately, is how important your relations to your loved ones are. How you treat people. How lucky you are if someone tells you they are proud of you and something you did, or just wanted to write you something.

Today I’ve gotten endlessly of support. I took the chance that I’ve been waiting for so long: I announced on my YouTube channel that I’m switching over to speaking in English in my videos. I was terrified. There were so many reasons not to do it. I could lose potential sponsorships, lose viewers and so on. But then there was that one reason: That big dream.

I’ve been honest with myself, and realized that if I was going to be able to create my dream content and put fully focus into my passion project beside school, I had to make some changes. I honestly regretted posting the announcement for like an hour afterwards, but then I remembered why I did it. And then all the overwhelming, positive response made it a lot easier as well. ❤️

I’ve seen long texts by fan accounts on Instagram, snaps and comments on the announcement video. It makes my heart warm to see comments from both friends and viewers – all my loved ones ❤️

I’m excited. I feel strong. I’m ready to take on the world! Wanna join me? Do what you’ve always wanted to do today. No, not tomorrow. Take that first step! And then you’re on your way… ☺️

The announcement video. It’s in Norwegian though, obviously. Excited for English content to come! Video here


6 thoughts on “Late night thoughts + I did it!

  1. Guess Who

    I am so proud of you. You finally did it. I am so thankful for beeing a part pf this journey and getting to talk to you O so often. I love you so much! Haha you know who I am;)


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