Hmm… Where to begin?

I was born in August 1997 in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Half Chinese and half Norwegian. No sisters or brothers. Just before elementary school I moved to a smaller town called Tønsberg. I always had 2-3 activities beside school, and wanted to try out everything. I started dancing ballett when I was 4-5, took piano lessons when I was 8, and suddenly got very into horses. I mostly joined activities including music, and loved school. When I was 10 years old, I got my first video camera for christmas – and that’s where the dreams of film and media started aka what would lead me to Career Material.

I filmed and edited a lot of short films and music videos with my friends. My dream was to become a film director, and my biggest goal was to get my movie shown in a cinema. When I was 13, my neighboor’s step sister (yup) sent me a link to a fond where you could get production support to finance your own, creative project. Long story short: I wrote a manuscript, casted my friends, and made a short film which later was shown at the local cinema in Tønsberg. I think that experience was the one to motivate me to actually make more accomplishments and go furhter into the media industry.

Not long after, I moved back to Oslo. I was very excited because that was the big city with more oppurtinities. In middle school I kept going with the short films, and in high school I started taking media classes. I actually got an internship at the biggest (and my favorite) teen magazine in Norway called Topp Magazine. 2 months after I got the internship, I got the offer to become their first official blogger.

While I was an intern, I also made videos for YouTube. I started a Norwegian lifestyle/vlog channel that today has over 18,000 subscribers, 2,5 million views and was ranked as one of the “Top 10 coolest YouTubers in Norway” by Side2 in 2017. When I realized paper magazines were going downhill, and I got the offer to sign with the YouTube-network Nordic Screens, I decided to focus more on YouTube. The YouTube roller coaster started going crazy. Meetups in different cities, my own nailpolish in stores, one of the main characters in a TV series, and a lot of fun projects in sight. I also started talking to a music producer who I got in contact with from my time in Topp, and we recorded my first single “Little Bit Better”.

But as I had fun doing all these creative things, I couldn’t take my heart completely out from school. My parents had a big influence on this, considering they both studied medicine and wanted me to get a college degree as well (not medicine tho – luckily!). I wanted to study something that I was both interested in and was going to get some use for no matter what my future held. I went with economy and business law at BI Norwegian Business school. We’ll see how it goes – I’m still a freshman! Today I focus on YouTube, music, school and building my own company.

So all of these events has taught me a lot. I’ve also recieved a lot of questions from friends, family and especially viewers on how I manage all of this, and how I just make it happen. I’ve stumbled upon a lot of people underestimate me because of my age, and a lot of people think you can’t do a lot if you don’t live in New York or Los Angeles. Well… I’m here to try to inspire you, and tell you that it doesn’t matter what age you are or where you live – anything is possible. If I can do it, so can you.

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