Career/College VLOG: September

Establishing a study routine for my 2nd year at college/business school, working on an important campaign and my 3rd single, having some struggles with balance, and filming with YouTubers! Welcome to my first monthly career/college vlog!


Passion project

Well… So this is exciting!

I’m Mondelia. Well, most people call me Tina (my middle name is Mondelia), but Mondelia is usually what I use on social media and as an artist since it’s kind of an unusual name. I’m a 19 year old girl from Oslo, Norway who gets very easily passionate about everything and anything. I run a Norwegian YouTube-channel which has a following of over 18,000 subscribers, I sing (“Mondelia” on Spotify) and go to a business college.

How come I’ve started a career blog? For over a year I’ve wanted to start a new international YouTube channel with focus on career and school. There’s always been “things in the way”, until I realized that there are no such thing as a “perfect time” to do something. Just do it! I’m busier than ever, but I’ve decided to finally take on with this project.

I used to be blogging in Norwegian for years, so this will be something new for me – but I love it! Everyone around me knows I got a love for the english language, and this “Career Material” project is my new passion project.

So… Will I keep seeing you here? 🙂

xoxo Mondelia